Exclusively for those who demand the highest quality diagnosis for their patients in the most challenging of cases, the E-CUBE 15 EX consistently delivers speed, throughput and accuracy. The E-CUBE 15 EX seamlessly integrates ALPINION proprietary imaging technologies, crafted transducer set and intuitive application software. The ALPINION's unique FleXcan™ Architecture, the software-based imaging platform, guarantees uniform image quality and performance, and easy upgrade to maintain the system level to the most latest one. Experience ALPINION’s excellent and renowned linear transducer performance for MSK, Head & Neck exams.

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Crystal Signature™ ALPINION's specialized single crystal technology,
Crystal Signature™, produces higher
image resolution, wide band and deep penetration.
MicroFit™ Technology ALPINION’s innovative transducer design facilitates
optimized performance and enhances ergonomics.
SensitiView™ Technology SensitiView™ Technology encompasses the
CSA™(Clear Signal Amplifier), low loss cable
and matching technology with system.
FleXcan™ Architecture ALPINION’s unique software-based
ultrasound imaging platform ensures
stable imaging performance and easy
software upgrade.
Optimal Imaging Suite™ Optimized post-processing
technology set creates
optimized images by
effectively decreasing
artifacts and enhancing
the edge of organs.
- SRI / FullSRI™
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• ALPINION’s renowned linear transducers
Extreme high density linear transducers are available for E-CUBE 15 EX (L3-12X, L8-17X)

• Elastography
Elastography displays the gradient value of the stiffness of soft tissue which offers useful diagnostic information.

• Needle Vision™

Needle Vision™ dramatically enhances visibility of needle tips, which enables much more efficient and faster targetting.

• Panoramic Imaging
Panoramic Imaging offers a horizontal image with an extremely extended field of view.

• Trapezoid imaging for wide view

• PITHI & FTHI - Advanced Harmonic Imaging
PITHI (Phase Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging) and FTHI (Filtered Tissue Harmonic Imaging) permit
accurate diagnosis through rapid and clean images.

• SCI (Spatial Compounding Imaging) and FCI (Frequency Compounding Imaging)
SCI and FCI integrated into Optimal Imaging Suite™ provide artifact removed clearer images.

• Xpeed™
Xpeed™ is a one-button optimization tool for efficient diagnostic flow.

The Net CUBE CARE™ is ALPINION’s network-based remote customer service.
It is a convenient service to access E-CUBE system on network and troubleshoot any problem promptly.

White Paper

The thickness of the A2 pulley and the flexor tendon are related to the severity of trigger finger :
Results of a prospective study using high-resolution ultrasonography

Kim SJ, Lee CH, Choi WS, Lee BG, Kim JH, Lee KH

Assessment of the upper part of the glenoid labrum in the virtual convex imaging US examination

Tomasz Poboży, M.D
Surgery Clinic, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Medicover Hospital, Poland, 02-972 Warsaw, Al. Rzeczypospolitej

* ALPINION InSighter
 Interview with Dr. Manuel Villanueva (MSK)

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L8-17X Extreme high density (8-17MHz)
Carotid, Peripheral Vascular, Thyroid, Testicle, MSK(Superficial) Breast, Emergency Medicine
L3-12X Extreme high density (3~12MHz)
Carotid, Peripheral Vascular, Thyroid, Testicle, MSK, Breast, Emergency Medicine
L3-12H High density (3~12MHz)
Carotid, Peripheral Vascular, Thyroid, Testicle, MSK, Breast, Emergency Medicine
L3-8 Low frequency (3~8MHz)
Peripheral Vascular, MSK, Emergency Medicine
IO8-17 High frequency hockey stick (8-17MHz)
MSK(Superficial), Small Parts, Superficial Vascular
IO3-12 Intraoral (3~12MHz)
Salivary gland, Parotid gland, Submaxillary gland, Small Parts, MSK, Peripheral Vascular, Emergency Medicine
SC1-6H High dengity single crystal (1~6MHz)
Spine, Emergency Medicine
SC1-4HS Wide-angle high density Single Crystal (1~4MHz)
Spine, Emergency Medicine
SC1-4H High density Single Crystal (1~4MHz)
Spine, Emergency Medicine