E-CUBE 8 LE, The Essentials for your daily practice

The E-CUBE 8 LE is a smart product that includes the absolutely essential features of the E-CUBE 8. The E-CUBE 8 LE is easy to use, and helps you make quick and accurate diagnoses. It is a great partner for medical practitioners, and provides patients with a comfortable healthcare experience.

The E-CUBE 8 LE delivers superior image quality and it can be utilized in a wide variety of applications in different specialized areas. The highly cost-effective and more efficient E-CUBE 8 LE is the most rational choice for you.

Clinical Image
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  • - Clear images delivered by the high-performance transducers and system
  • - They will assist you to perform examinations more quickly and obtain more accurate diagnoses

Satisfaction with Image Quality helps you make clinical decisions with confidence.

  • Transducers powered by PowerView™: C1-6CT / P1-5CT
    - PowerView™ technology disperses heat generated by the transducers, improving its durability and ensuring the stability of diagnosis
    - The increased efficiency of ultrasonic waves enhances signal sensitivity and improves the clarity of clinical images
  • High performance linear transducers: L3-12H / L3-12HWD
    - The high-density linear transducers can be attached
    - Useful for breast/thyroid/musculoskeletal/vascular examinations

High-Performance System

  • Flagship model-grade platform
    - The same high-end hardware and software platforms also used on the top model produced by Alpinion
    - The resolution, contrast, and uniformity of 2D images have been improved
    - With the addition of the Dual pulser, clear and accurate Doppler data can be displayed
  • Optimal Imaging Suite™ Plus
    - Alpinion‘s image optimization processing technologies
    - Artifacts are eliminated more effectively, boundaries between tissues are distinguished more clearly
    - Tissue textures are expressed more richly, and accurate data is provided
  • Xpeed™
    - Simply press the Xpeed™ button once
    - Quickly optimize images in 2D Mode and Spectrum Doppler Mode for different clinical cases
  • - The E-CUBE 8 LE can be used easily and conveniently in different clinical environments
  • - You can focus more on taking care of patients

Simplicity of Workflow Design improves quality of patient care in daily practice.

  • Quick and easy control panel
    - All control panel keys are arranged in the most efficient and intuitive manner
    - Frequently used functions can be assigned to three user keys
    - Can also save system presets to user keys or keyboard keys and load them later conveniently (Power Preset).
    - This reduces the time the user spends pressing keys and makes work easier
  • SSD for quick examination preparation
    - High-end hardware and an SSD
    - Enhance stability when using the system
    - Fast booting time makes speedy preparation for examinations possible
  • Battery that frees you from space restrictions
    - A compact exterior design and attached battery make it much easier to transport
    - Can move to a different location while in Exam Mode without connecting the power cable
  • USB 3.0 that allows you to focus more on providing patient care
    - USB 3.0 ports, of which the data transfer is faster are available
    - The reduced transfer time when exporting data for patients or research, allowing you to focus more on patient care
  • - Premium-grade diagnostic software tools are provided
  • - They broaden the application range of ultrasound examination and ensures accurate diagnoses

Enhancement of Clinical Capabilities provides assistance in making informed decisions.

  • Auto IMT
    - When you draw a line in the area where the carotid intima media thickness is to be measured, the thickness will be measured automatically and displayed on the screen
    - Measurements can be made more quickly and accurately down to the millimeter level, regardless of the user’s proficiency
  • CUBE Strain™
    - This is a non-invasive examination method that is used to assess the myocardial function more objectively
    - You can track speckles in 2D heart images, digitize the movement of each myocardial segment, and check quantified data
  • Stress Echo
    - The optimized examination workflow allows you to perform a Stress Echocardiogram more quickly and conveniently Aiding early diagnosis of chronic coronary heart disease
  • Needle Vision™ Plus
    - Useful in showing the shape and orientation of the needle
    - During invasive ultrasound-guided procedures, the needle can be viewed more clearly by adjusting the beam angle in three steps
    - Ensures safer and more accurate procedures.
  • Elastography
    - Intuitively shows the relative differences in tissue elasticity caused by external pressure by using colors
    - Additional pathological information helps reduce the need for unnecessary biopsies
    - The Indication bar shows whether the amount of pressure on tissues is appropriate on a scale of 1 to 6 in real-time, adding to the credibility of results
  • DPDI
    - Power Doppler technology shows blood flow directions at a higher sensitivity than Color Doppler technology
    - Useful in detecting slow peripheral blood flow (renal blood vessels, peripheral blood vessels, the middle cerebral artery, etc.).
  • Auto NT
    - The maximum thickness will be automatically measured and displayed on the screen
    - Examination results can be checked quickly in busy examination environments
  • Volume Master™
    - Alpinion’s high-performance 3D/4D features show you surfaces from volume data and orthogonal plane views which are not obtainable with standard 2D scanning
    - Can obtain anatomical data and understand the structural connectivity between regions
    - Multi Planar Rendering (MPR), Cubic View, and Multi Slice View (MSV), you can take advantage of the clinical benefits of CT or MRI
  • Live HQ
    - The improved Volume Rendering technology
    - The light source can now be moved freely and the optimized color maps can be applied in a variety of ways
    - Realistic volume images make fetal anatomy easier to understand, which leads to quick and more accurate diagnoses
    - Helps create a bond between the parent and the unborn baby
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C1-6CT C-Architecture (PowerView™) Convex
Fetal, Abdominal, Pediatric, Musculoskeletal(MSK), Peripheral vessel, Urology
C5-8NT Micro convex

Abdominal, Pediatric, Neonatal Cephalic, Cardiac, Peripheral vessel
VC1-6T Volume convex
Fetal, Abdominal, Pediatric, Urology
L3-12H High density linear

Abdominal, Pediatric, Small organ, Neonatal Cephalic, Musculoskeletal(MSK), Peripheral vessel
L3-12HWD High density linear, 64mm wide footprint
Fetal, Abdominal, Pediatric, Small organ, Musculoskeletal(MSK), Peripheral vessel
L3-12T Linear

Abdominal, Pediatric, Small organ, Neonatal Cephalic, Musculoskeletal(MSK), Peripheral vessel
EC3-10T Endocavity (straight)
Fetal, Trans-rectal, Trans-vaginal, Peripheral vessel, Urology
EV3-10T Endocavity (curved)
Fetal, Trans-rectal, Trans-vaginal, Peripheral vessel, Urology
E3-10 Endocavity (straight)
Fetal, Trans-rectal, Trans-vaginal, Peripheral vessel, Urology
VE3-10H High density volume endocavity
Fetal, Trans-rectal, Trans-vaginal, Peripheral vessel, Urology
P1-5CT C-Architecture (PowerView™) phased array
Fetal, Abdominal, Pediatric, Adult Cephalic, Cardiac, Peripheral vessel
SP3-8T Single Crystal (Crystal Signature™) phased array
Fetal, Abdominal, Pediatric, Neonatal Cephalic, Adult Cephalic, Cardiac
CW5.0 Pencil typed
CW2.0 Pencil typed