Having great mobility, the E-CUBE inno provides clinicians with image uniformity, deep penetration and durable design. The E-CUBE inno, applied ALPINION’s acoustic technology and compact hardware technology, offers a rapid and accurate diagnosis with reliable performance - regardless of space limitations. The E-CUBE inno’s fast & intuitive workflow, simple operation, fast boot-up time and durable system design support optimal diagnosis under any circumstances.

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Never stop for life-saving situation • Fast Boot-up time
A fast boot-up time is essential for patient treatment under emergency situations.
The E-CUBE inno promises instantaneous use in critical moments.

• Intuitive workflow, Xpeed™
ALPINION’s Xpeed™ introduces one-touch optimization technology that facilitates an efficient workflow to activate a B-mode through
a one-button process.
This helps save diagnostic time through efficient, easy and rapid use.

Optimal image performance for high-risk diagnosis • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
The E-CUBE inno utilizes THI to enhance image contrast and spatial resolution.
It decreases noise interference to provide easily-recognized images.

• SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging)
ALPINION’s unique SRI technology removes artifacts and enhances tissue edges for a clear diagnosis of the microscopic musculoskeletal structures.

• SCI (Spatial Compounding Imaging)
The SCI provides clearer images by improving the contrast resolution through multi-angle compounding beam projection.

• Application specific measurement package

Key diagnostic factors by application

• Anesthesiology
- High-resolution linear image performance (L3-8i, L3-12i)
- SCI(Spatial Compounding Imaging) for fine needle visualization
- Minimal workflow and ease-of-use operation

• Emergency Medicine
- Rapid boot-up time
- Automatic feature, Xpeed™ : one-button optimization function for B/C/Doppler mode
- Compact echo tool and measurement package
- Single crystal cardiac transducers (SP1-5i)

• MSK / Sports medicine
- Superb linear image performance (L3-12i, L3-8i, L8-17i)
- SCI(Spatial Compounding Imaging) for fine needle visualization

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C1-6i Convex transducer (1~6MHz)
Abdomen, Renal, OB/GYN, Urology
L8-17i Linear transducer (8~17MHz)
Thyroid, Carotid, C-LINE, MSK, Breast
L3-12i Linear transducer (3~12MHz)
Thyroid, Carotid, C-LINE, MSK, Breast, Peripheral Artery, Peripheral Vein
L3-8i Linear transducer (3~8MHz)
Peripheral Artery, Peripheral Vein, Carotid, Thyroid, Breast, MSK
SP1-5i Single crystal phased array transducer (1~5MHz)
Adult Cardiac, Abdomen