HIFU Technology

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  • HIFU means High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

    While ultrasound technology is traditionally used as medical imaging for clinical diagnosis, HIFU technology uses ultrasound as therapeutic tool by focusing high energy ultrasound precisely to focal point.
    This focused ultrasound energy induces a rapid temperature rise therefore damaged tissues can be treated through ablation.

  • Non-invasive targeted lesion therapy,
    Real-time monitoring,
    Cancer treatment(ablation) and
    Minimal risk and pain.

    Key point of HIFU technology is that it is non-invasive meaning no effect on the lesion surrounding structures.

    Because HIFU has no apparent cumulative effect on the intervening tissues through which ultrasound energy passes, medical treatment can be repeated.

    As a clean treatment (= non-ionizing)
    ultrasound-guided HIFU provides real-time monitoring environment in contrast to MR-guided HIFU.

Since 2007, ALPINION has been taking a leading role in the government R&D projects to develop cancer treatment technologies that utilize the “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound”.

Using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound as a cancer treatment promises a new quality of life and is both patient and senior-friendly technique for the cancer treatment.

Cancer treatment uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and combines general ultrasound systems with nano and bio technology.
This futuristic ultrasound diagnosis and therapeutic method can be applied to the targeted drug delivery, transcutaneous drug delivery, cerebral hemorrhage treatment, osteoporosis treatment, chronic pain management and gene therapy delivery.

ALPINION develops and produces both diagnostic
and therapeutic ultrasound as ultrasound
ALPINION’s therapeutic ultrasound portfolio divides
into two categories; VIFU 2000, pre-clinical HIFU
system and brand new clinical HIFU system, ALPIUS 900.
  The VIFU 2000, the unique pre-clinical HIFU system, applies to various animal researches, including drug delivery research, solid tumor ablation study and animal cancer treatment.
Brand new and technology-intensive clinical HIFU system, ALPIUS 900, is currently available in Korea.