System Technology

ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS, We are Ultrasound Professionals

ALPINION’s core technologies – Transducer technology (Crystal Signature™), ultrasound imaging platforms (FleXcan™ Architecture), workflow and image processing (Optimal Imaging Suite™) – are integrated into all ALPINION products, helping customers to deliver better care for every patient.

FleXcan™ Architecture

FleXcan™ Architecture is ALPINION’s unique ultrasound imaging platform based on a software structure. It ensures stable imaging performance and maintaining image quality across the whole product lifetime, and easy upgradability.

Optimal Imaging Suite™

ALPINION’s integrated post-processing technology set (Optimal Imaging Suite™), embedded in
the E-CUBE series, creates optimized images for each application by effectively decreasing artifacts and the edge enhancement of borderline and detailed structural characteristics.

This technology gives users more choices for optimizing images, providing high resolution and deeper penetration through the different parameters that can be applied to FullSRI™ (ALPINION’s unique speckle reduction filtering technology). Optimal Imaging Suite™ is also adaptable to meet many different user application requirements.